(Chai) 18 New Ambulances for a more rapid and life-saving response to terror attacks against Jews throughout Israel. The State of Israel is now at the point of no return to the face of the clear threats of its enemies to destroy it … enemies across the border and enemies inside Israel. Terrorism does not stop in Israel for a moment! Every day there is a terror event in Israel! The situation is so severe that sometimes they do not report it on the news … It’s sad, it hurts, but its reality. We at ZAKA, through our volunteer network and emergency hotline, know of every terrorist event in Israel at any given moment 24/7 … whether it is throwing stones at cars with children as soon as they pass the road near an Muslim village, or stabbing Jews by Muslims, when they stand at bus station or attacking Jews on their way to the Western Wall, whether it is shooting from Palestinian vehicles to Jewish settlements and another million kinds of attacks that only Israel haters can do… We are doing all we can to reach the areas of terrorist attacks as quickly as possible in order to save the wounded. We know the truth! And the truth in Israel is horrible. The truth hurts and destroys families every day in Israel. More ambulances in the right place at the right speed can unequivocally save lives! Join today to donate to the 18 new ambulances and become full partner in saving lives in Israel every day.

ZAKA International Headquarters

National Memorial Shrine for Victims of Terror in Israel

The unique activities of ZAKA hold strategic national importance: the concentration of all ZAKA rescue and aid operations and departments in one place will ensure the most efficient and effective use and deployment of its nationwide network of volunteers and as professional assistance to the rescue and security forces.


As someone who has stood by the side of the people of Israel and the State of Israel for many years, at all times and in every situation, and as someone who can understand the importance of ZAKA and its volunteers in Israel and around the world, we call upon you to be partners in this important project, to join us on this journey for the sake of humanity, to strengthen faith, to strengthen pride, to strengthen Israel.

ZAKA Home Command Base

Very little needs to be said by way of introduction to ZAKA activities and its volunteers. The holy work of the volunteers has been seen and recognized both in routine and emergency situations for more than twenty years.

They work, shoulder to shoulder, with all the security and rescue organizations, standing at the forefront of the events that have accompanied the State of Israel.

For over twenty years they have risked their lives to save lives and carried the burden of treating victims’ remains with dignity and honor.

ZAKA has proven its unique ability and rare advantage as a non-institutionalized entity to mobilize and put into action thousands of volunteers from the Orthodox sector, integrating them into volunteer activities. This significant contribution is to the benefit of all Israeli

citizens – regardless of religion, race or gender – in both routine and emergency events.

In the national dialogue about the contribution of the Orthodox society to the State of Israel, ZAKA serves as a bridge between the secular and the ultra-Orthodox and

offers a channel through which the ultra-Orthodox can contribute and fulfill their duty to Israeli society.

ZAKA units are comprised of a trained and professional quality volunteer workforce who augment and strengthen the professional personnel of the emergency and rescue agencies in emergencies as well as in routine circumstances.

In light of the reality that Israel is likely to be attacked in any one of many war scenarios, ZAKA offers a unique professional ability which is of special importance in that

it is capable of fulfilling its missions.

ZAKA’s motto is: “Saving those who can be saved and honoring those who cannot.”

Recognized by the Defense Ministry as an ‘aid organization in times of emergency’, ZAKA is part of a combined response team led by the Home Front Command in times of emergency and war.

ZAKA is recognized by the UN as an international humanitarian voluntary organization and as a body with official consultative status. It is one of three NGOs in the State of Israel with UN recognition. As such, it has proved its operational abilities by sending aid delegations from Israel to tragic events: the terrorist attacks in Turkey, Mombasa, Taba, Mumbai, Toulouse, Bulgaria, Paris and Brussels. ZAKA has also sent its Israeli delegations for disaster relief: the tsunami in Thailand, the plane crash in Thailand, a plane crash in Namibia, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the Columbia shuttle disaster, the plane crash in Buffalo, earthquakes in Turkey, Haiti, Japan…as well as in hundreds of routine events all over the world.

Throughout the year, ZAKA volunteers answer calls to thousands of events which translate into tens of thousands of volunteering hours performing their holy work inconspicuously and with utmost valor.

Despite the vast scope of activities in which ZAKA is involved, the organization surprisingly does not have an integrated ZAKA HQ to consolidate the widespread activities of the organization, its vehicles and equipment. The absence of a central location that meets the needs of ZAKA’s routine and emergency activities damages the effectiveness of the efforts of the organization and its volunteers. The need for such a headquarters is indeed


ZAKA HQ will coordinate the overall activities of the organization as follows:

ZAKA offices

Manned hotline to alert and dispatch the network of ZAKA volunteers

Depot for ZAKA ambulances and rescue vehicles

Dispatch point for Rapid Rescue motorcycles

Dispatch point for ZAKA teams

Auditorium for training and lectures

Center for psychological support and aid for ZAKA volunteers

Learning institute and specialized library in the field of professional forensic identification in accordance with Jewish law

Main storage unit for ZAKA equipment

Information and support service for families of disaster victims

– A Memorial Shrine for the Victims of Terror

Central Warehouse for ZAKA Equipment

A central warehouse to be used by individual volunteers, as well

as ZAKA teams and regions. The warehouse will also store material

and equipment for use in mass casualty incidents.

 National Memorial Shrine for Victims of Terror in Israel
To this day, a memorial hall has not been erected in Israel for thousands of people killed in terror attacks against the State of Israel and the Jewish people

As an organization that is identified more than any other organization in rescuing terror victims and treating the wounded, the dead and the families, we see a duty to build a memorial shrine for them where the names of those killed will be honored and remembered forever.

Auditorium for training and lectures

To preserve the level of alertness and knowledge of volunteers, the organization holds seminars and training sessions alongside regular drills in which the incidents are analyzed, and lessons and conclusions learnt.

Like any professional organization, there is a need for a central location to be used for meetings of this type. This will include, among others, volunteer training workshops to help maintain the emotional resilience of the volunteers, as well as professional lectures.

Dispatch and Coordination Center

The aim of the ZAKA Dispatch and Coordination Center is to provide a fast and efficient response whenever the organization’s help is needed. The lack of a central point to coordinate operations – fixed communications devices and supervision – makes the ongoing work difficult, if not almost impossible.

This center will give an effective response to the problem of real-time event management, in close coordination with security forces as well as search and rescue and lifesaving services.

The connection with these authorities cannot be based on communications from the scene alone, there is also a need in the Dispatch and Coordination Centre itself, which is physically disconnected from what is taking place on the ground, to be able to coordinate the operations, in cooperation with other authorities.

The establishment of this center requires the construction of a system including computers, telephones, radios, control equipment, wireless radio communications.

In addition, secondary equipment is required such as an emergency generator, storage and office equipment.

Terror museum International terror commemoration and advancement of peace center

The Land of Israel is acquired through suffering and one of its most difficult elements is the plague of terror.

From the initial settlement in the State, and throughout the years, terrorism has become our

enemies’ weapon, with the goal of creating panic and fear, and thus weaken our hold on the Land of Israel.

Terror strikes indiscriminately; most victims are innocent civilians, men and women, young and old alike; lives coming to an abrupt halt. In Israel there is no one central location that gives expression to this frightening phenomenon and its appalling consequences. The site will be dedicated to the entire population and the visitors who come from abroad.

It will serve as memorial grounds and a commemoration to all of those who fell in the war

on terror that has accompanied the rebirth of the Nation of Israel in the Land of Israel. It will be a place that, even during a quiet lull in the struggle, visitors will be able to identify with the pain of the victims.

The center will remind the citizens of the world of the evil convictions and the lack of humanity displayed by terrorists and their supporters.

It will express the determination of the Jewish existence in Israel.

The museum will also present the global terror threat and worldwide attacks: The World Trade Center disaster, Bali, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Turkey, Paris, London and our commitment to international partnership in the war against terror. The museum will attract researchers, students, families of terror victims, institutions involved in this field, the public in Israel and abroad. It will further raise awareness of the importance of dealing correctly with terrorism; strengthen the coping mechanism, exploring the terrorism phenomenon

in general, and in Israel in particular, serving as a center for all those that carry this issue close to their hearts.

Central components:

Museum of modern terrorism, modern history exhibits and audio-visual, imagery, photographic records and connecting the journey of terror.

Research and study center, information center, conference center, lecture halls.

Memorial site with computerized memorial stands, with a wall listing the terror victims.

Live rehabilitation center integrating memorial education and research.

The center will work with academic researchers, memorial and educational entities.

The center will become an attraction for all official delegations in Israel, as well as youth missions, schools, groups and individuals.